Powerful Swedish Breakthrough Relieves Prostate Trouble Without Risk, Struggle, or Embarrassment!

David Blyweiss, M.D.

Dear Friend,

If you’ve tried every prostate supplement out there, but nothing’s helped—what I’m about to reveal in this letter will change EVERYTHING!

My name is David Blyweiss, M.D., Medical Advisor to the UniScience Group and a practicing physician. And in all my years of medical practice, treating thousands of men for prostate symptoms, I’ve never seen anything work like this.

Thanks to a rare and potent ingredient discovered by Swedish doctors, there’s an astonishingly effective, safe, and long-lasting solution that’s helped thousands of men solve their prostate problems—even when everything else failed!

The most important men’s supplement
you’ve NEVER heard of…

It’s called Cernitin G63 and it’s the secret weapon behind one of the most effective prostate supplements in existence — Prost-Xtra Plus™.

The story of Cernitin G63 began nearly a half century ago in the remote fields of northern Sweden. But today there’s a mountain of hard scientific evidence that proves it overcomes all sorts of prostate problems…from urgency and dribbling, to constant nighttime trips to the bathroom!

Swedish Breakthrough Gives Maximum Relief for:

  • Weak or slow stream
  • Dribbling
  • Urgent, frequent urination
  • Nighttime interruptions
  • Straining or leaking
  • A bladder that never feels empty
  • Difficulty starting or stopping


In fact, Cernitin G63 is the reason that over 96% of men who take Prost-Xtra Plus, keep coming back for more!

Keeps working when other prostate solutions stop!

Prost-Xtra Plus relieves every painful and embarrassing prostate symptom, but even more amazing—the longer you take it, the better it works!

The thing is, so many prostate products may help at first, but after a few weeks or months they STOP WORKING. Not Prost-Xtra Plus—and it’s all thanks to its master ingredient, Cernitin G63!

Meet David Blyweiss, M.D.
David Blyweiss, M.D.

Real Men Getting Results—Fast!

I have used a number of prostate products…some seem to be effective, but only for a short period of time…I used [Prost-Xtra Plus] for about a week…to my surprise I could feel the tightness in my prostate starting to diminish and instead of getting up three or four times a night to go to the restroom, I am currently only getting up once.” --Bill S.
“I tried three other products with disappointing results. It took two weeks to get results…with Prost-Xtra Plus.” --Kevin B.
“I have been using [Prost-Xtra Plus] for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it! I am not running to the bathroom…My urologist was surprised at my last appointment how much better my prostate was.” -- Michael M.
“After taking Prost-Xtra for one month I noticed improvement and relief from pain, pressure, and urgency. Prost-Xtra has drastically reduced my nighttime trips to the bathroom.” --Dewayne S.

*These testimonials represent the experiences of certain people. Individual results will vary.

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How It Keeps Your Prostate
(And Peeing) Under Control
Day After Day, Night After Night…

Cernitin (sometimes referred to as cernilton) is a pollen extract from rye grass—an unusual flowering plant first discovered growing in a remote region of Northern Sweden.

Long ago, scientists discovered that Cernitin provided excellent health benefits, especially for men. And for decades, Cernitin has been used in Europe and Japan to support a healthy prostate and urinary function.

But this isn’t the big story…

The big breakthrough came when researchers developed a highly purified form of cernitin called Cernitin G63. Unlike ordinary or generic Cernitin, this clinical strength G63 form (the very kind in Prost-Xtra Plus) is extracted from rye grass using an advanced manufacturing process to keep it exceptionally pure, potent, and free from toxins.

Power that goes beyond ordinary prostate nutrients…

Over 100 clinical studies can’t be wrong.

Fifty years of clinical testing shows that Cernitin provides significant—often dramatic—relief of prostate and urinary symptoms.

Cernitin’s high degree of effectiveness and safety has been substantiated by science in over 100 clinical references—and not just for prostate health, but for many health issues!

Here are just a few research highlights on Cernitin:

****Prost-Xtra Plus contains clinical strength Cernitin G63 in the research levels needed for maximum effectiveness.


What makes Cernitin G63 so different from other prostate nutrients in general though, is that it contains a rarely found chemical called hydroxamic acid which promotes healthy prostate cell growth.

TRY Prost-Xtra Plus RISK-FREE!

Keeping prostate cells in check is critical to keep your prostate a normal size and inhibit inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes—hormone-like chemicals that can exacerbate prostate trouble.

What’s more, the Cernitin G63 in Prost-Xtra Plus gives you potent plant sterols that help relax your urethra and strengthen bladder contractions—this relieves that feeling of urgency that’s so common with prostate problems.

Prost-Xtra Plus doesn’t stop there…

It also gives you 4 other
time-tested prostate powerhouses…

While Cernitin G63 is a powerhouse on its own, there are several other time-tested prostate superstars I recommend—nutrients that work in different ways to address other aspects of prostate trouble. And scientists from the prestigious Georgetown University Medical Center know this, too.

The Georgetown University Medical Center Releases Groundbreaking Study …

Potent Combination of Prostate
Nutrients Shown 88% Effective!

In a double blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, researchers combined Cernitin with saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and vitamin E in precise dosages and tested it against a placebo.

The double-blind study showed that 88% of men became symptom-free or showed significant improvement when taking this natural combination. It appears these nutrients worked in a synergistic way. What’s more, there were no significant adverse side effects.

That’s why Prost-Xtra Plus doesn’t stop with Cernitin G63. It also gives you:


Keep DHT in check

Saw palmetto berries contain active ingredients called phytosterols and fatty acids—and it’s the phytosterols that are the key to its prostate-helping power. That’s because they address the hormonal side of prostate health.

Fueled by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, your testosterone gets converted into another more powerful male hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within prostate cells. DHT is linked to a growing prostate as well as unhealthy prostate tissues and cells.

Research shows that saw palmetto inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, which in turn helps decrease the conversion of testosterone to DHT. It’s also been shown to reduce the actual concentration of DHT in your prostate. Plus, saw palmetto helps relax the muscle around the neck of your bladder—giving you stronger urinary flow.

In a review of 18 studies involving nearly 3,000 men, when compared to a placebo, saw palmetto:

****That’s why Prost-Xtra Plus gives you superior quality saw palmetto in every dose.




Empty your bladder with ease

The reason saw palmetto works is because of the potent phytosterols it contains. This got researchers thinking, why not get right to the source of the power? So they isolated and tested its main phytosterol— Beta-sitosterol.

Not only does Beta-sitosterol help block the conversion of testosterone into unwanted DHT, it has even more powerful effects on urinary flow. Numerous double blind studies prove its power.

****Prost-Xtra Plus gives you a potent 300 mg concentration of mixed plant

Try a RISK-FREE supply!



The Ultimate Prostate Protector

Why over 96% of men keep coming back to Prost-Xtra Plus!

“For the last two years I’ve been using [a different prostate formula]…at night I got up every hour. With Prost-Xtra if I get up at night, it’s one time. More importantly, there’s no urgency. I used to go before I reached the bowl!” --Robert R.

“This is the first prostate product that I have taken that actually works.” --Karl S.

“I stopped using all the other brands of prostate supplements and am now using Prost-Xtra Plus exclusively.” --Rick M.

“I couldn’t believe how quickly Prost-Xtra worked!” --Bill H.

*These testimonials represent the experiences of certain people. Individual results will vary.


Free radicals are nasty little molecules that go after tissues, cells, and organs (this includes your prostate!) They are everywhere—in the air we breathe and the foods we eat—free radicals are simply unavoidable. Free radicals are one of the reasons we age.

Antioxidants are your best weapon to fight free-radical damage—no scientist in the world would argue this! And the best-of-the-best for your prostate is vitamin E.

Scientists believe it has something to do with vitamin E’s ability to reduce androgens (male hormones.) And you need to keep androgens at normal levels for a healthy prostate.

With Prost-Xtra Plus you’re covered…you get a full 50 IU of Vitamin E in every daily dose! ORDER NOW!


The MALE Mineral

Men need loads of zinc because your prostate contains ultra-high concentrations of this mineral—a full ten times more than any other organ in your body. Your prostate tissues are highly dependent on zinc to stay healthy and intact. Zinc even helps create and maintain sex hormones.

The problem is, starting in your 50s, men experience a natural decline in zinc levels. Plus, your body releases zinc whenever you ejaculate. Unfortunately, zinc deficiency is linked to prostate size trouble.

So you’ve got to supplement with zinc; not only to keep your prostate healthy, but to keep it normally sized. But zinc is notoriously difficult to absorb.

That’s why Prost-Xtra Plus includes L-OptiZinc®. This unique, patented form of zinc dramatically increases bioavailability. Studies show that L-OptiZinc is absorbed better, retained in your system longer, and is more effective than ordinary zinc supplements tested.

Prost-Xtra Plus Daily Dose (3 capsules)
Cernitin G63
Certified concentrated extract from Rye Grass Pollen (Secale cereale L.) (Standardized; Extract 20:1)
213 mg
Mixed Sterols From Natural Plant Sources
Beta-Sitosterol 137 mg)
(Campesterol 82 mg)
(Stigmasterol 67 mg)
(Brassicasterol 14 mg)
300 mg
Saw Palmetto Extract 213 mg
Vitamin E 50 IU
L-OptiZinc® 10 mg






Stop Struggling and Start Sleeping

Reduce CONSTANT NIGHTTIME PEEING and get the DEEP, SOUND SLEEP you need with Prost-Xtra Plus!

The most common symptom of prostate trouble is frequent nighttime peeing. It’s the number one complaint I hear from my patients…and it’s often what finally brings them to see me. Sleep seems easier to talk about then peeing problems!

But listen up. If you’re getting up 3, 4, or 5 or more times a night to go to the bathroom, you can’t go on like that! As a physician, I can tell you with absolute certainty—you must get sound sleep night after night.

Strong, mounting scientific evidence shows that lost sleep can erode your mental functioning, immune system, cardiovascular health, speed aging, and even derail your ability to lose weight. While on the other hand…

…Deep sleep is a virtual fountain of youth!

Spending your nights in bed instead of the bathroom will do more for your health and well being than anything I could ever prescribe. Good sleep may be the greatest “cure-all” in existence!


That’s why Prost-Xtra Plus is so much more than a prostate remedy. It not only dramatically reduces nighttime urgency and bathroom visits, it gives you the vital, health-restoring sleep your body craves.

They’ve Discovered the Nighttime
Secret of Prost-Xtra Plus!

Prost-Xtra Plus: Prostate Health Supplement

“Instead of getting up four times a night… I am currently only getting up once. This is the first product that worked to my satisfaction…” --John S.

“I’ve tried a whole slew of prostate products…with no success…Prost-Xtra has already reduced my nighttime trips to the bathroom by almost half!” --A satisfied customer

“Before I started using Prost-Xtra Plus I had to urinate as much as 3 times overnight, now I only have to get up once.” --Dennis M.


*These testimonials represent the experience of certain people. Individual results will vary.

You Can Fix Your Own Prostate Problems
Without embarrassment, doctor visits, or a
trip to the prescription counter!

So now you’ve read all the scientific proof that makes Prost-Xtra Plus so much more effective and long-lasting. You’ve seen how the combination of Cernitin G63 with four time-tested prostate-boosters can clobber nearly a dozen different prostate symptoms.

But all the science in the world doesn’t mean much unless it works for YOU! That’s why you can…

Try it with zero risk…it’s 100% guaranteed!

Prost-Xtra Plus will work or your entire supply is FREE--No matter how much you order! Even better—you have a full ONE YEAR Guarantee. So go ahead, try it out and then decide! If you’re not 100% thrilled with your results, send it back—even empty bottles—and you’ll receive every penny pack (less shipping and handling, if any.)

Go ahead—there’s no risk at all!



David Blyweiss, M.D.

Medical Advisor, UniScience Group®

P.S. You will keep feeling better and your results will last and last…for as long as you keep using Prost-Xtra Plus. That’s why your best bet is to order the best value 6-month pack —you get the best savings and all the free gifts—and it’s covered by a full year guarantee. Its keeps working—or it’s FREE!

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You are covered by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee For One Full Year!


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